The Kentucky Pilots Association is a not-for-profit association of people interested in aviation. Our home base is Sanuels Field (KBRY) near Bardstown, Kentucky.

Our primary objectives are:

  • Promote and improve aviation safety.
  • Educate youth about flying and develop opportunities for youth to learn to fly.
  • Improve the Bardstown airport and develop a robust aviation community there. Provide and host aviation education and proficiency improvement activities.
  • Promote a community of aviation enthusiasts based in central Kentucky which shares information and hosts activities to promote aviation.
  • Provide a social environment and fellowship for aviators and those interested in aviation.
  • Represent the airports and aviators in central Kentucky.

We have a Board of Directors and officers elected from our membership.

Membership in our association can be:

  • Pilot members who are licensed as a student, private, commercial, or ATP with current dues status.
  • Youth members who are sponsored by any member in good standing.
  • Associate members who are non-pilots that are admitted after application and approved by pilot members in good standing.

We have three standing committees to further our objectives:

  • Youth
  • Safety and Proficiency
  • Airport Improvement

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